How I work

When you come for a treatment I will carry out a brief consultation with you to find out about your current life style, health history and any issues currently affecting you. Massage has many different benefits for the mind and body but it will be important to ascertain that any treatment is appropriate to your situation and health needs and feels comfortable and relaxing for you.

Holistic and deep tissue massage treatments take place on a massage table. A nourishing oil or cream-based product will generally be used to provide a free-flowing massage, and towels carefully placed to ensure modesty and keep you warm and comfortable throughout the treatment.

A whole body massage includes legs, arms, neck and shoulders, face, abdomen and back. Clients can choose whether they want a whole body massage or prefer to focus on particular areas of the body. Massage can be tailored to include elements of deep tissue work where needed.

Clients sit in a reclining chair for reflexology treatments. Socks and shoes are removed and blankets can be provided for extra comfort and warmth. For Indian head massage and seated chair massage clients remain clothed and may lie on the treatment couch, sit on a special portable massage chair or remain seated in a conventional chair.

Advice may be given about what you can do in between treatments to maintain or improve your well-being.